Does your child ever hide their smile or keep their lips sealed shut in photos? They’re not alone. In fact, more than half of Americans feel insecure about their teeth.

They don’t have to keep hiding their smile, though. Instead, consider Invisalign. Invisalign treatment can help straighten their teeth and renew their smile.

By wearing these invisible aligners, they can close the gaps between their teeth. Instead of feeling self-conscious, they’ll want to show off their new grin!

Interested in Invisalign, Nashville TN for your child? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the treatment process. Learning more can help you determine if this is the right treatment for your child. 

Read on to learn more about Invisalign today.

1. The Consultation Appointment

Search for “Invisalign near me” to come up with a list of providers in your area. The first step to receiving Invisalign in Nashville, TN is the consultation appointment. An orthodontist will examine the state of your child’s teeth to make sure they’re an ideal candidate.

They’re likely an ideal candidate for Invisalign if they have:

  • Overcrowding
  • Overbite
  • Crossbite
  • Underbite
  • Gapped teeth
  • Open bites

If they have more severe orthodontic issues, they’re not likely a candidate for Invisalign. The orthodontist might suggest alternative treatment, such as braces.

Patients with severely angled or rotated teeth aren’t ideal for this course of treatment, either.

If the orthodontist determines they’re an ideal candidate, your child can move on to the next step in the timeline!

2. Creating Your Invisalign Trays

The orthodontist will need to gather more information about your child’s dental health before creating the aligners. Dental X-rays can help them learn more about their current orthodontic issues as well.

The orthodontist also needs to take photos of your child’s face and smile.

Their equipment can show you an Invisalign “before and after” view of their teeth. You can see how their teeth will look once treatment is complete.

The orthodontist will take a 3D replica of your child’s mouth using scanning equipment. The scanning equipment can ensure an accurate impression of their teeth.

At some offices, orthodontists create impressions using a mold instead.

The process is painless. The dentist will use a handheld wand and move it over your child’s mouth. Once they’re done, they’ll have a 3D view of your child’s gums and teeth.

This model ensures they create Invisalign trays that are customized with your child’s dental needs in mind. The trays will fit perfectly over their teeth. At this point, you can also view the simulation of how the treatment will progress. 

You can see exactly what your child’s smile will look like once treatment is complete!

Once the scanning process is done, the orthodontist will send the digital files of the scans to the Invisalign site. A lab technician will then create your child’s customized aligners. 

You’ll need to wait until your orthodontist receives the new aligners. They can give you a more accurate timeline of how long it will take.

Your child will receive more than one pair of aligners throughout the course of their treatment. Each tray will move their teeth a little closer together over time.

How many trays they need can vary based on the severity of their orthodontic issues. 

3. Receiving Your Aligners

Once the orthodontist receives your child’s aligners, they’ll call them to come in for the next appointment. During the appointment, they’ll walk your child through the treatment process.

For example, they’ll learn how to take the aligners in and out safely. They’ll need to learn how to clean and take care of the aligners, too. 

The orthodontist will also need to apply buttons to your child’s teeth. They’ll create these small, tooth-colored buttons using a composite resin. The resin will cling to the surface of your child’s teeth.

The buttons will ensure the aligners remain in place. They can also help make sure there’s never too much pressure on your child’s teeth.

4. Your Treatment

Your child will need to wear their aligners for 20 to 22 hours every day. Make sure to follow the orthodontist’s instructions during the course of the treatment. Neglecting to wear their aligners could delay treatment.

Make sure your child wears their aligners every night. In the morning, they can take them out to eat, drink juice, and brush their teeth. They can keep the aligners in when they drink water.

Otherwise, they should keep the aligners on as often as possible. Keeping them will ensure their teeth move into place as intended.

It can take a little self-discipline to establish a routine when wearing aligners.

Your child will need to keep them clean, too. Otherwise, bacteria can impact their teeth and gums. The bacteria in their saliva can cause plaque to build against the aligners.

Your child can brush their aligners before putting them back in their mouth. Otherwise, they can soak the aligners in cleaning crystals.

Your child should take the aligners out each time they eat. Otherwise, food particles could stick to the aligners. When they’re not wearing your aligners, your child should keep them in their case.

Otherwise, they might accidentally throw them away. 

5. Follow-Up Appointments

Once your child receives Invisalign in Nashville, TN, they’ll need to schedule follow-up appointments with the orthodontist. These appointments will ensure their treatment is on track. If there are any issues or delays, the orthodontist can adjust the treatment plan. 

It’s important to remain patient throughout the course of treatment. The duration of the treatment can vary based on your child’s orthodontic issues.

How much is Invisalign? The Invisalign price can range between $3,000 and $7,000. Prices vary based on each individual case. 

6. Switching to Retainers

Once your child’s teeth are in the proper place, the orthodontist will remove the resin buttons from their teeth. They’ll also give your child retainers to wear. They’ll need to wear these retainers to ensure their teeth don’t move out of place. 

Invisalign Nashville, TN: Understanding the Treatment Timeline

Interested in getting Invisalign in Nashville, TN? Keep this process in mind. Understanding the Invisalign process can help you prepare for your child’s treatment.

Remember, they’ll need to wear your aligners between 20 and 22 hours a day. Otherwise, they might experience delays. 

Want to discuss Invisalign as a treatment for your child? We’re here to help.

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