There are now over 83,000 orthodontists throughout the US. If you’re interested in starting Invisalign treatment, it helps to have a plan. Otherwise, you might struggle to choose a dentist who has the expertise you need.

In fact, not every dentist will offer the services you’re interested in, either.

Here are seven tips that can help as you search for “the best Invisalign dentist near me.” With these tips, you can narrow down your options with ease.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing a qualified, experienced dentist is handling your Invisalign treatment.

Start searching for “a dentist near me offering Invisalign” using these tips today!

1. Gather Referrals

First, talk to your inner circle. Ask your friends, family members, and coworkers for help.

Have any of them completed Invisalign treatment? Ask about the dentist they visited. They could point you in the right direction.

Take the time to learn more about their experiences, too. For example, you can ask:

  • Is your dentist knowledgeable and experienced
  • Are they able to answer your questions
  • How did you know Invisalign treatment was right for you
  • Were you satisfied with the results of your treatment
  • Did you encounter any issues
  • How were those problems resolved
  • How much did your treatment cost
  • Where is their practice located
  • Would you recommend I choose a different dentist instead

Talking to your inner circle can help you gather information that’s possibly not available from a Google search. They can help you make a more informed decision.

If they can’t point you in the right direction, no worries! Instead, start your search online. Google “best Invisalign dentist near me” and start making a list of options.

Then, use the rest of these tips to find the one dentist you need.


2. Look for Invisalign Experience

Before choosing the best dentist for Invisalign treatment, determine how many patients they’ve helped over the years. Choose a dentist with extensive experience with Invisalign.

Some dentists have only recently started offering Invisalign as a course of treatment. They might need to grow accustomed to new tools and technologies. There’s a chance they’re still learning the best way to help their patients through the process.

Instead, Google “dentist near me offering Invisalign” and determine how long they’ve offered this course of treatment. 

Determine how long they’ve worked in the industry, too. Choose a dentist with years of hands-on experience. Make sure they have a long-established practice, too.

An established business has likely worked out operational issues over the years. The entire team likely knows how to work together as a unit, too.

These teams are more likely to offer top-notch services.

3. Check a Map

The next time you search “best Invisalign dentist near me,” check Google Maps. Determine where each dental practice is located. Make sure it won’t take you over 30 minutes to reach the practice.

During the course of your Invisalign treatment, you’ll need to visit your dentist repeatedly. Your dentist will provide you with new Invisalign aligners. Each pair of aligners will slowly bring your teeth into place.

Regular appointments will ensure everything is going smoothly with your treatment.

If the dentist is located over 30 minutes away, it might feel stressful to make your regular appointments. Instead, make sure they’re near your home, work, or school. If there’s an emergency, you can reach them right away. 

4. Schedule an Appointment

Schedule a consultation appointment with two or three different dentists on your list. Then, discuss your treatment goals. 

Make sure you’re an ideal candidate for Invisalign treatment. If you have more extensive alignment issues, your dentist might suggest braces instead.

During your appointment, ask any lingering questions that are on your mind. Make sure your dentist has the experience and expertise you need. 

Pay attention to how they communicate, too. If you struggle to understand them, you might make a mistake during the course of your treatment. Instead, choose someone you’re comfortable around.

5. Environment

During your consultation appointment, look around the office.

First, make sure the waiting room looks clean and organized. Consider how many people are waiting to see the dentist, too. Make a note if you have to wait a while between your appointment time and seeing the dentist.

Make sure their exam rooms are clean as well. 

Consider the staff you speak with, too. Are they friendly, helpful, and professional? Make sure they treat you like a patient, instead of like a number.

If you’re not comfortable in that environment, scratch that dentist off your list. 

6. Read Reviews 

About half of the adults in the US feel insecure about their smiles. You’re not alone.

Take the time to read customer reviews from patients who were once in your shoes.

You can find reviews on the dentist’s Google My Business and Better Business Bureau listings. Check their listing, too. 

It’s normal to find one or two negative comments. Make sure the negative reviews don’t overshadow the glowing, positive ones, though. 

Choose a dentist other locals already know and trust. 

7. Ask About Pricing

During your consultation appointment, ask each dentist on your list about the price of treatment. Gather more than one quote to gauge the local average.

There’s a chance your insurance won’t cover the entire treatment. That’s okay. Ask the practice if they offer a payment plan instead.

Don’t make your final decision based solely on the price. Instead, choose the best Invisalign dentist in the area. They’ll ensure the best possible results from your treatment. 

Straight Smiles: 7 Tips for Finding the Best Invisalign Dentist Near Me

Don’t rush to start Invisalign treatment with the first dentist you meet. Instead, use these tips when searching for “the best Invisalign dentist near me.” With these tips, you can narrow down your options with ease.

You’ll have peace of mind when you start treatment with a qualified, experienced dentist. 

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