Did you know that over 26% of American adults ages 20-44 have untreated dental caries?

If you finished getting a dentist to treat your cavities, you might find that your smile isn’t as good as it was before. This might make you feel less confident — especially when you work in an industry that requires you to smile. Sometimes, this insecurity can carry over to other parts of your life.

Don’t feel hopeless yet.

With this guide, you’ll learn all about Invisalign. That way, you’ll now know how to answer “How can I find an Invisalign dentist near me?”

What Is Invisalign?

This dental treatment involves a pair of aligners used for straightening teeth. They’re nearly invisible, but they help to promote a better smile. It works by adding some pressure to the teeth, making them align properly.

The best part is that they’re removable — meaning you can eat, drink, and brush your teeth unimpeded. This is especially great if you’re one of the 15 million American adults suffering from social anxiety disorders.

Most people misunderstand the concept of Invisalign plastic trays. They believe that these aligners are only capable of correcting minor dental issues. The truth is that these can deal with moderate to severe issues in a similar way as braces.

That means you can correct gaps, crowding, and turned teeth using this dental procedure.

How Does Invisalign Work?

The technology involved in Invisalign made lots of advances in recent years. That’s why Invisalign for kids is possible, making it a more desirable solution than traditional braces. Take note, not all dental problems are curable using this method.

That’s why you must look for an Invisalign dentist near me. This lets you determine whether this approach is the most appropriate for your situation. You can also check our guide and see whether Invisalign is worth your money.

Once approved, here are the four primary steps you’ll go through:

1. 3D Digital Image Creation

The first step to the treatment is to make a 3D image of your teeth. You can explore various options when it comes to capturing the 3D image. But among these, the most common method is to take a teeth impression and send it to the Invisalign company.

Once received, the company will scan and make a detailed 3D model of your teeth. Without this important step, your dentist won’t know how to proceed.

2. Customized Teeth Correcting Plan

After sending the 3D image of your teeth, your dentist will work with their team to develop a custom treatment plan for your dental issue. By then, they will make multiple aligners to shift your teeth slowly.

This means you must use each aligner for a certain period before you switch to the next. Take note, your dental condition is unique compared to other patients. This means your situation determines the number of aligners used before it fully corrects your teeth.

3. Invisalign Delivery

After the dental scan concludes, it takes around 4 weeks for the Invisalign treatment to commence. Within this period, your dentist will have a personalized treatment plan ready for you. At your first visit, your dentist will put teeth attachments as a base and help ensure the aligners move the teeth to their best position.

In most cases, the first visit will take 30 minutes. After that, all your future appointments will usually take only about 10 minutes. The best part is that subsequent visits aren’t as often.

4. Periodic Dental Visits

After attaching the aligners, your dentist will give you more sets to use later. They’ll likely direct you to wear each of these for a week before switching. You won’t notice major changes within the first few weeks.

Within a month or two, you’ll see marked improvements in your smile. Within 8-12 weeks, your dentist will likely book you for a follow-up appointment. Worry not, since these meetings will only serve to gauge your treatment’s efficacy.

What Affects the Treatment Time for Invisalign?

Some people using Invisalign could finish their treatments within six months. But other conditions can extend this period to a year or more. Here are some factors that may affect your treatment duration.

1. Occlusion or Spacing Type

Invisalign is a great solution if you have an overbite, underbite, crowding, or gaps. But the type of spacing or crowding problem you possess plays a big part in determining your Invisalign use. Thankfully, your dentist can give estimates before you get your desired results.

2. Your Age

The younger you are, the easier it is for your teeth to realign using this treatment. That’s why most middle and high school students have braces. The same principle applies to Invisalign for kids.

But, does that mean you can’t straighten adult teeth? The answer is a big no. It will only take longer, and the duration necessary increases as you grow older.

3. Your Compliance With the Treatment Plan

Another important factor affecting your treatment’s duration is your adherence to the Invisalign treatment plan. After all, the aligner trays’ design is to move a tooth at a time. This means you must also learn how to clean Invisalign and maintain it.

Regardless, after aligning one tooth, it’s time for you to switch trays to move to the next. It’s a good thing that you’ll have a set schedule for this process. But if you don’t follow through, the treatment gets longer and more tedious.

That’s why you must wear the aligners for 20-22 hours each day. Remove them only when you’re eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth. Always ask your dental provider about your treatment plan if you feel unsure whether you’re on track.

How Can I Find an Invisalign Dentist Near Me Today?

These are some things you must consider when you’re getting an Invisalign treatment. Use these to make a more informed decision about whether this dental procedure is for you.

Do you find yourself wondering, “Where is the nearest Invisalign dentist near me?” If so, contact us today and let us help you with your dental issues.