You’re never too old to visit an orthodontist to improve the appearance of your smile. In fact, about 20% of the people with braces are adults. Don’t choose the first orthodontist in Nashville you find online, though.

Instead, learn how to narrow down your options for orthodontists with these eight easy tips.

With these tips, you’ll have peace of mind in your choice. You can find someone with the experience and expertise to improve your smile. Otherwise, you might choose an orthodontist who lacks the expertise you need.

They could make costly mistakes when improving your dental health as a result.

Don’t risk it! Instead, start your search for the best orthodontist in Nashville with these tips today.

1. The Right Credentials

There are currently over 367,000 orthodontists throughout the US. You’re going to need to narrow that down! To narrow down your options for orthodontists, start by talking to your inner circle.

Ask your friends and family members in the area if they can recommend an orthodontist. If they can, ask about their experience. Were they satisfied with the services they received?

Ask if they experienced any issues while visiting the orthodontist. 

Try to speak with someone who received the same treatment you’re interested in. For example, if you’re interested in Invisalign, talk to a friend who finished their Invisalign treatment. Ask them questions about every phase of their treatment.

If your inner circle can’t make a personal recommendation, that’s okay. Open Google and search for “the best orthodontist near me.” Then, start making a list.

You can further narrow down your options by researching each orthodontist’s credentials. It’s important to make sure their credentials are up-to-date. Otherwise, they might fail to meet the standards of care.

Determine where each orthodontist went to school, too. Make sure they graduated from an accredited institution. Consider how long ago they graduated, too. 

If it was a few decades ago, consider finding an orthodontist who prioritizes continued education. 

An orthodontist who continues their education will remain up-to-date with the latest techniques and technologies. They’ll have an easier time offering the best possible care. 

Otherwise, you could choose an orthodontist who’s behind the times.

2. Years of Experience and Expertise

While searching for an orthodontist in Nashville, look for someone with years of experience. People learn from hands-on experience. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your orthodontist has learned about their trade in that time.

Consider how long they’ve owned their own orthodontic practice, too.

A long-established business has probably outlasted competing practices in the area. It’s also likely that the orthodontist has earned the respect of their Nashville patients. You’ll have peace of mind choosing an established practice.

Ask each orthodontist if they have a specialty, too. If they do, make sure their specialty suits their needs.

Ask how often they provide the treatment you’re interested in. For example, how many patients with braces do they help a year?

If they don’t have a lot of experience providing the treatment you’re interested in, scratch them off your list. 

3. Services

Before you choose an orthodontist on your list, make sure they offer the services you need. Otherwise, they might struggle to help you accomplish your goals. 

For example, your orthodontist might offer:

  • Traditional metal braces
  • Clear ceramic braces
  • Clear Invisalign aligners
  • Lingual braces

Some orthodontists focus on modern orthodontists and new technologies. 

Consider scheduling a consultation appointment with at least three orthodontists on your list. During your appointment, discuss your treatment goals. Ask them which treatment option will help you accomplish your goals.

Choose someone who can offer the treatment options you need to accomplish those goals. 

4. Location

As you narrow down your options for orthodontists, take a moment to pull up Google Maps. Then, determine each practice’s location. How far is the practice from your home, school, or work?

Don’t choose a practice that’s over 45 minutes away. Instead, choose a location that’s nearby. If there’s ever an emergency, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re close.

Take a moment to consider each location, too. If the practice isn’t in a safe area, scratch that practice off your list.

Check each practice’s office hours, too. Does the orthodontist offer flexible hours? If you tend to work late, you might want to find someone who offers earlier hours.

Some orthodontists offer emergency services, too.

5. References and Reviews

Every orthodontist will try to convince you that they’re the best orthodontist in Nashville. You don’t have to take their word for it. Instead, head online to read references and reviews.

Reading reviews can help you learn more from people who were once in your shoes.

Learn more about the office, the orthodontist, and their team. You might find a few negative reviews. That’s normal.

If the complaints outweigh the compliments, however, consider looking elsewhere.

6. A Great Environment

During your consultation appointment, pay attention to the environment. Is the waiting room clean and organized? Is the room packed with patients?

If the office seems overbooked, there’s a chance they’re understaffed.

If you don’t feel comfortable in the office, scratch that practice off your list.

7. Your Comfort

Consider your comfort when you speak with each orthodontist, too. Are they easy to understand? Do they take the time to consider your goals and concerns?

If they seem to rush you out of the room, look elsewhere. Instead, find someone you’re comfortable around. 

8. Cost and Insurance

You can also narrow down your options by comparing orthodontist’s fees. Get at least three quotes from orthodontists in the area. Comparing fees can help you determine the local average.

If someone’s price seems too good to be true, it likely is.

Consider finding an orthodontist who falls within your insurance network, too. 

Big Smiles: 8 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Orthodontist in Nashville

You don’t have to choose the first orthodontist you find. Instead, use these tips to find the best orthodontist in Nashville. With these tips, you’ll have peace of mind in your choice.

You can choose an orthodontist with the experience, services, and expertise you need for a successful treatment. 

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